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Ottawa's Powerlifting               

Barry Antoniow -10 x CPU gold medal in Bench Press

Chris Yantha -a lean 125kg and sometimes  SHW  - National Deadlift Record  - President of Team Killbot factory

Eric Gagnon - 90kg - 100 kg - World Class lifter and Ottawa's Biggest Squatter

Jason Platts - 90 kg  - The Chatsworth Peeper's peeper and Ottawa Powerlifting legend 

Kerry LeBlond - 125kg  - Captain of the Bomb Squad but works for CIS

Herb Greenidge - Master 82.5kg National and world level masters athlete

Daniel "Ronald" MacDonald - 90kg fat man, attending the University of Ottawa and Ottawa Powerlifting's Smartest novice.

Art "Pepsi" Chan -67.5 and 75kgs Attended the Arnold Classic and World Class Lifter,   the first Canadian lifter to hit a 182.5kg lift in his weight class...the legend

Sandro "Sunny Sonny" D'Angelo 82.5kg Master 1 - where did this guy come from